Film Labyrinth

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Our dear participants,

welcome to your first Film Labyrinth!

In it, each time you will find three films, and in order to get to them – you have to explore the Labyrinth on your own and bravely go ahead.

Carefully read all the information and clues which lead you through the Labyrinth. There you will discover puzzles and codes needed to get to the movies. Pay special attention to the strange details, and if you need help – do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail:

All three films in the Labyrinth are interconnected and each film is linked to another in a different way, but all three share one and the same emotion, or rather a thought: that time is lost.

So get lost with us in the Labyrinth, where time and place don’t really exist!

All three films deal with time, and as we know – time is something films actually deal with – or more precisely, the shaping of time – and through the shaping of time they also deal with story time, duration, time of experience and time of your attention. Therefore, these films actually deal with the film medium itself.

The films were made at different periods of time and each film actually deals with a timeline different than the one in which it was made. We dare to say that they are a form of small or large-scale time travel: they are film time machines.

Marija Georgiev and Boris Bakal will guide you through this Film Labyrinth, this adventurous film workshop in which you will develop your brain, improve your knowledge of films, complete your “best of” lists and discuss films in online live workshops.

If you really want to embark on this film journey, you have to click on this PLACE.

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