Film Labyrinth

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Ha! Here you are!

You entered the Labyrinth bravely, almost without thinking.

As if you don’t know that there are many more surprises, dangers and puzzles waiting for you.

For now, your goal is to reach the first film of this film triad.

A film that is the youngest of all three. The film was made after the author (male or female?) found “something” in an old shoe box, and it wasn’t shoes, roller skates or pointe shoes. What she found was created long before her time and we can only speculate how she came into possession of that old shoe box.

If you want to continue forward, first remember the not-so-distant past and enter a mysterious code (consisting of CAPITAL LETTERS) that is hidden in the image below the text and is represented by numbers. The code is, therefore, a word in the picture.

Until recently we communicated through those codes, but then we became “smarter”.

[showhide type=”post” more_text=”1st hint” less_text=”1st hint”]
Remember the old cell phones…

[showhide type=”links” more_text=”2nd hint” less_text=”2nd hint”]Picture of an old cell phone keypad
-repeating a number indicates the location of a letter on the cell phone keypad-[/showhide]

We are waiting for you!

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